Since her first on-screen job co-hosting BET’s Mad Sports, Shelli has appeared in over 17 films, national and international commercials, print campaigns for Anhueser-Busch, radio spots and several hit television shows. One of her most notable roles was as series regular Evan Reed in Saints and Sinners, a 2007 primetime drama on FOX’s My Network TV. Shelli has co-starred on popular episodics such as Entourage, Days of Our Lives and The Young and the Restless. She also showed her range, playing twins, as the lead in the Lionsgate DVD release of Holla, a comedy/horror film that garnered her a Best Actress nomination in the Chicago Film Festival. The film was acquired by BET for cable television. Stepping into the new digital age, Shelli is a series regular on a new webisode sponsored by Comedy Central called “Hot Sluts: Rated R!” She shows her comedic skills as the feisty Tawny, the DJ at the club where the series is based. “It is an unbelievable feeling to have shared the screen with actors like Heather Ledger, David Alan Grier, Anthony Mackie and Larenz Tate,” says Boone. “These are people I watched at home as a kid, and now I have the chance to work with them doing what I love – it’s fantastic!”

She was nominated for an NAACP Best Actress Award for her stage portrayal of Dorothy Dandridge in "Dorothy and Otto" and she also embodied the vivacious Josephine Baker in "When Divas Were Divas”, currently touring colleges in Southern California.  Shelli also headlined the gospel production of Treat Her Like a Lady, directed by Roy Fegan of The Five Heartbeats.  “I think the stage is where I do some of my best work”, says Boone.  “It’s where you can really connect with the audience.  In a sense, you are feeling together.  Plus, you never know what’s going to happen –and that’s the fun part!" For more information on Shelli’s theater work, visit or

Shelli fell in love with performing at an early age.  In fact, her mom still has the picture of Shelli on stage at age four dressed up in a little pink tutu - she was the tiniest thing up there but what a big smile!  Shelli continued to develop her dance skills in tap, jazz and gymnastics as well as music - playing the violin and piano.  However, during adolescence her interests switched to acting and she hit the theater scene in the D.C. Metropolitan area. Being a military brat (her mother just retired after over 20 years of service) has afforded Shelli the opportunity to travel the globe and participate in projects overseas and nationwide.  This has also given her much insight into different cultures, lending her the ability to adapt quickly to new surroundings.  She uses these experiences as a tool for character development and career growth.

With a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mass Media Communications and having worked as a production assistant and line producer, Shelli also has extensive experience behind the camera.  She is developing these skills further by writing, producing and directing her own projects.  Last year, she created a stage production called “The Spirit of a Woman”, featuring song, dance and acting pieces from various female performers.  It played to sold out audiences.  Shelli is planning to make this an annual production.  This year, she is co-producing her first short film under the Dushell Productions moniker, due to shoot in the summer.  She is also writing a one-woman show based on the lives of frontier women, slated for an April premiere. 

Shelli is dedicated to making her career flourish and is always looking for ways to challenge herself and grow as an artist and a humanitarian.  She continues to train in acting and music as well as boxing, stage combat and firearms.  “I would kill to do an action film!” she often says.  Shelli also takes classes for writing and directing and reads incessantly.  “My faith, family and friends are my biggest sources of inspiration”, she says.  “I am truly living my dream and I love the fact that I can wake up every day and be happy about what I do,” she says.  “I am so excited about the future and I know that it’s only going to get better and better. I want to do it all…and bring it to the screen!”  Mark her words - you will be seeing more from this young lady - this is just the beginning of her journey. 

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